An IT equipment servicing company had an established customer base, and kept track of all its customers inventory and service requests on an internal system accessible only to its own service technicians via a dekstop based Windows application.   When customers needed service, they needed to call a receptionist who would book a service appointment, at which point a technician would be dispatched.  Finding equipment once the technician arrived at the customer location was also a challenge, as most locations were large and equipment often moved.

The servicing company wanted their customers to have easy access to lookup and maintain their own equipment inventory and schedule their own service requests over the internet – but the vendor of their internal asset and service tracking software did not have that functionality available in their product, and the vendor did not provide facilities for 3rd party applications to manipulate the data.

We worked with the company and asset tracking vendor to develop a web based solution that worked in tandem with their existing asset tracking software and back end database to allow customers to :

  • Log in to a simple web application and see all of their sites and equipment
  • Customers could request their own service requests, which in turn logged a request with the existing IT asset system.
  • Record their own usage and metering numbers for equipment
  • Utilizing a separate mobile application, technicians and customers could track and update equipment location and information using a visual map of the facility on any smartphone.
  • Customers could run reports on their inventory instantly for planning and maintenance – something that they would normally have had to call and make a request for.

The cost savings to the servicing company were substantial, and the value it provided to the customers pushed satisfaction through the roof.

Technologies Used:

  • MVC.NET (C#)
  • Microsoft WebApi for REST services
  • Microsoft SQL Server w/Entity Framework
  • Xamarin for iOS and Android